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  • Duncan McRoberts Associates 720 Market Street Kirkland, WA, 98033 United States (map)


ICAA Northwest Tholos is an architecture and interior design discussion group dedicated to classical design in contemporary practice.  This seminar intends to advance the classical mind (a “Third Recall”) defining 21st century principles of classicism that have generational and universal import inexorable to cultural and civic identities and aspirations.  Content varies from detail & décor - to hand-drawn, hand-made artistry, precedent and typology - to ontology of construction and understanding the ideal city.

Proem:  Classicism is not interested in a history of sentimentality.  Instead, classical architecture is forward looking, progressive and based on foundations of conservation and investment rather than consumption and waste.  Its principles encourage community, harmony with nature and economy of resources and energy. These values apply from the smallest towns to the greatest cities, are of human scale, and facilitate an efficient and satisfying way of life.  Classicism is a product of human artistic skill in making rather than an industrial process, and its aura of craft traverses a well-spring of tectonic character within a variety of structurally-symbolic and structurally-poetic traditions & cultures. Its metaphorical provinces and laws of beauty mean concepts of structure can exhibit a straightforwardness of vernacular in simplicity, durability and essentialness - as well as attain cultural and civic import through honorific, high style elaboration.

Nature and Her Processes provide an origin and destination in this praxis, both in terms of sustainable building science and architecturally figurative celebration. The beautiful and the useful are at once mutually achieved in traditional design forms, and thus serve with environmental fortitude.  In this continuum, as a language of well-building and aesthetic intelligence, classicism redefines itself for modern problems, promotes a revived culture of building, and promises progress through enduringness of craft, quality and beauty.

DATE:  THIRD SUNDAYS - Sept. Nov. 2019/ Jan. March. May. July. Sept. Nov. 2020

TIME:  1:30 - 3:30 p.m.


REGISTER:  Please submit your intentions in joining Tholos Academy by writing a short paragraph.  Email to Duncan McRoberts: