Each academic term, ICAA National offers a dynamic array of Continuing Education coursework for all design professionals, builders, artisans & the general public - as well as students of art, architecture, and planning - catering to a broad range of interest & levels of expertise.

Certificate in Classical Architecture

The Certificate in Classical Architecture provides continuing education students with a working knowledge of architectural classicism as a practical discipline. Participants learn how to identify the elements of the classical vocabulary and to draw, render, and design with them to form an understanding of the basic theoretical tenets on which the classical tradition is founded.

Enrollment in the Certificate Program, now in its 13th year, continues to represent an important commitment to the classical tradition. The Certificate in Classical Architecture Program was redesigned in the 2011-2012 academic year to reflect the exponential growth of programming offered by the ICAA both in New York, and its fifteen chapters nationwide.

Credit Requirements

The Certificate is awarded to individuals who complete one of the ICAA's professional intensive programs, as well as a selection of elective academic programming. Total credit hours for the program is 100, balanced as such between required and elective coursework. Additional information regarding credit requirements may be found here.

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Summer Studio in Classical Architecture

A foundation in design and composition, elements of classical architecture, proportion, drawing and rendering, and the art of building. The ICAA Summer Studio in Classical Architecture is a four-week long intensive program in the art of classical architectural design. Over the course of four weeks, students acquire the skills and knowledge essential to the practice and appreciation of classical design from distinguished practitioners and scholars active in the field. Through weekly visits to classical architectural firms and the studios of traditional craftsmen, students discover the world of contemporary classicism that flourishes today, while extensive on-site field study and drawing allows students to experience first-hand the architectural masterpieces of New York City. The ICAA Summer Studio in Classical Architecture provides students with a unique opportunity to expand the scope of their education, build a foundation in the principles of classical architectural design, and become immersed in the vibrant world of contemporary classicism.

Course of Study

The Summer Studio in Classical Architecture introduces students to a systematic approach to Classical Architectural Design focusing on developing literacy in classical elements and forms.The curriculum is structured around ICAA's core curriculum, with coursework in: Elements of Classical Architecture, Proportion, the Literature of Classical Architecture, Drawing & Rendering, Architectural Composition, and the Art of Building.

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Winterim Professional Intensive

The Winterim Professional Intensive is an annual highlight of the ICAA's educational programming. This intensive program is designed to provide current and future design professionals with the unique chance to receive in-depth training in the principles of classical design, in both its technical and artistic dimensions.

Course of Study

Professionals and educators currently active in the field of traditional design instruct students in Traditional Drafting by Hand, Architectural Wash Rendering, Theory of Proportion, A Comparative Study of the Orders, Linear Perspective, Observational Drawing, and the Literature and Theory of Classical Architecture. Classroom hours are balanced between time spent in the studio, time engaged in lecture or discussion, and guided site visits to various New York City landmarks. All designs will be evaluated by special guest jurors. This program satisfies the core course requirements for the ICAA's Certificate in Classical Architecture.